What Do New Software Updates on PS5 Bring Us?

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It has been almost a year since PS5 was released. As expected, it ticked off nearly all of the boxes and certainly didn’t disappoint. However, Sony is regularly pushing out updates that improve the PS5 even further. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the changes, so we are writing this article to help you, and if you haven’t done so, we encourage you to download those updates.

Still No Web Browser

Let’s start with the bad. One of our biggest complaints about the PS5 was that it didn’t feature a native web browser. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t have one after several updates, and Sony shows no desire to create one.

That is disappointing and confusing. By not being able to go web surfing, PS5 users are missing out a lot. There are a lot of online games that would fit in perfectly with PS5 graphics. Like many other casinos and slot games, Live Roulette blends in perfectly with PS5’s grand colouring scheme. With the bright, intense colours, the buzz, and the flash, it really could work very well on PS5, but Sony is continuing to be stubborn and is still denying its fans a chance to browse the web on their newest console. A missed opportunity nonetheless.

Spring Updates

In April, Sony rolled out an update that considerably enhanced support for 120Hz gaming. Not only that but some other settings also get tweaked. For instance, you can get it to automatically switch to non-HDR output and powering on and off in sync with the TV.

During spring, several games got a boost, like The Last of Us Part 2. On the other hand, CyberPunk 2077 returned to PlayStation Store after it got crushed by poor reviews condemning it as too buggy and a poor experience. But Sony recommends for it to be played only on PS5 or PS4 for the best user experience.

Interestingly all of this time, Sony continues to provide regular updates for PS4 boosting its system performance.

Introducing the PS5 System Software Beta Program

Sony has introduced a Software Beta Program. Users can sign up, and they will get to be the first to try out the next major system update before it gets rolled out later this year. Of course, the software is still in the testing phase, it can be pretty unstable and poor, but that is the whole point of beta programs. To test and improve things. But for those that can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for them, it is the perfect way to ease their mind.

A significant update came on July 30. Following the update, users can now upgrade the internal SSD storage of Sony’s console. That means we can make use of the expansion slot that came with the console. Your SSD will, however, have to meet some pretty rigorous standards outlined by Sony. All in all, this is excellent news as the 82GB SSD the PS5 came with was somewhat limited. Although you can, in theory, store PS5 games on external hard drives, it doesn’t mean much as you can’t run them from such storage, so this update means a lot.